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Judo Clubs from England, Scotland, Wales and British Isle's can be found here.



Coopers Judo Club  Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Burnley Judo Club

Cluarankwai Judo Scotland
Hollesley Judo Club Suffolk
Spa Judo Club Worcestershire,Droitwich Spa
Goshindo Judo Club Norfolk, East
Aylwin Judo Club South London, B.J.C., B.J.A
Towy Judo Club Wales
Bushido Judo Club - Tunbridge Wells
Young judo club Kent
Worcester '83' Judo Club

Shaw Judo Club Avon
Wolverhampton Judo Club West Midlands
Radcliffe Zen Judo Club Nottingham
Retford Judo Club Online Nottinghamshire, Midlands

Isle of Man Judo Club Hampshire, Eastleigh

Holbrook Judo Club Hampshire Gosport
Pinewood Judo Club B.J.A., Berkshire, Wokingham
Clacton Judo Club BJA
Bradley Stoke Judo Club B.J.A. South Gloucestershire, Little Stoke
Dewsbury Judo Club
Mintlaw Judo Club Aberdeenshire
Lancaster University Judo Club
Ronin (Chichester) Judo Club Sussex

Kin Ryu Judo Club, BJA, Sussex
WJC judo Herts NHC

Budokwai London
Harris Judo Club Southern Area

Biggin Hill Judo Club Kent, Bromley
A.J. Judo Club Northwest
BJA Eastern Area Area Rep.
MelbournJC Eastern
Dartford Judo Kwai, Dartford,Kent
Bexley Judokwai Kent
Harris Judo Club Kent

British Judo Association
Yorkshire & Humberside Judo Association
Kent County Judo

Surrey County Judo

Due to the massive administration involved with the up-keep of these judo lists, priority will be given to web sites that also link back to us at  www.worldjudo.org




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Thank You All, Big and Small.