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We offer a range of levels to get your Judo club or organisation an Internet site on the World Wide Web


All you need do is enter your details on our register. Judo Dan grades, Officials or Judo clubs and Organizations may register FREE.


We will produce a site for your club (or your site could be produced by yourself if you wish) including the very latest features modern technology has to offer.With enough features to help make your web site productive and with a little effort generate substantial revenue if you wanted. You or a nominated associate can keep it up to the minute easily. This service includes your own clubs name or name of your choice e.g. if you organisation was called "Houston Judo Club" you could have a name like "www.HoustonJudo.com" Its a great way of keeping the name short, unique and easy to remember. If your club is interested in its own unique domain name its worth registering it quickly to avoid disappointment as names go fast. Because we work largely with the Voluntary and Charity sector we are able to offer very competitive rates for hosting your site.Cost will vary on requirements but we think you will be impressed by our low tariffs. Because we deal with many clubs, schools, charities and voluntary organisations we have obtained large amounts of web space which we can pass on to your organisation at vastly cheaper rates than many commercial competitors.


We will produce a one page site for your club using your details FREE. If you have special requirements or need it to be larger there will be a nominal one time charge. To host your club page currently cost's 1 Sterling U.K. Per Week and it now includes FREE WORLD JUDO CHAMPIONSHIPS PHOTOS. We recommend this service if you are looking to promote your club with minimum effort on a low budget but gaining maximum impact with explosive photos of your national team. It could easily be the best way for people to find your club and full details quickly under our heading. For example if your clubs name was "Dartford J.C." your internet address could read "WWW.WorldJudo.Org/DartfordJudo"Click the name to see an example. You would be able to start putting your internet address on your stationery straight away and further promote your club.

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The World Judo Index would like to take this opportunity to thank you for using it's services. With your continued support it will grow and assist all those who use it. We do not always have as much time to promote our site as much as we would like to. If you could link our sites address from your site it would be much appreciated. Or we may be pleased to exchange links if possible. Should you decide to link our site from yours, it would be great if you let us know, as it would be nice to thank you via E-mail. Thanks again from the team at World Judo.