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Welcome to Worldjudo.org Latest Newsletter

Worldjudo.org is an international Internet link endeavoring to bring the complete world of judo together, with no political bias. I am independent, self-funding and not connected with any other judo photographic organization. My only aim is to get our fantastic sport, seen by the world.

You will find global judoka joining our directory daily making it a great way to meet up with other like-minded enthusiasts, whatever the age or ability. Combined with interviews and photos of world champions and upcoming players. This newsletter will help you find your specific interest at my site. I hope you enjoy your visit.

I have informed you of this newsletter because; 1) You have told me you would like to be kept up to date with my World Judo Photos; 2) You have shown an interest in my site or services; 3) We have found you via the internet and think you are interested in judo and other martial arts. If you have no interest in judo, or our site please e-mail UNSUBSCRIBE@worldjudo.org Please accept my apologies if I have sent you this e-mail in error. If you would like to 'subscribe' for your Free Newsletter Click Here


Just Released Jimmy Pedro Poster. Photo taken at the finals of the World Championships. Photo and Artwork by Dave Quinn See Here.

WELT JUDO http://worldjudo.org/weltjudo.htm


Das ultimative "who is who" im Judo.Kämpfer, Funktionäre, Trainer und Judo-Clubs, mit großartigen Photos von Weltklasse-Judoka in Aktion. Wo immer Sie auch wohnen, wenn Sie ein begeisterter Judo-Anhänger sind, besuchen Sie diese Seite.Wenn Sie Listenverantwortlicher, Wettkampfleiter, Internationaler oder Junioren Kampfrichter, Trainer oder Kämpfer sind, möchten wir Ihre Meinung auf dieser Seite hören. Etwas Zeit (und Ihre Hilfe) vorausgestetzt, wird es bald ein ausgezeichnetes Mittel sein, Ihrem Verein zu unterstützen, seinen Status zu verbessern und ihn in der Kampfsport-Welt bekannt zu machen.

JUDO DU MONDE http://worldjudo.org/judodumonde.htm

L'ultime qui est qui de Judo. Acteurs, Fonctionnaires, Entraîneurs et judo frappe avec une massue, classe avec photos superbes de monde judoka dans action. Où jamais tu es dans le monde, si tu es dans judo obtient dans cet emplacement. Fonctionnaires de la table, contrôleurs de la compétition, juges Internationaux ou plus jeune, entraîneur ou concurrents qui nous voulons tu sur cet emplacement. Dans le cours de temps (et ta assistance) il y aura bientôt une ressource excellente aider et rehausse ta taille des massues et fait le monde des arts martial plus informé frappe avec une massue de ton judo.

JUDO MUNDO http://worldjudo.org/judomundo.htm

Mundo Judo Organización. Mundo Judo Directorio índice de gerentes, competidores e dojos. Incluir Mundo Campeones en fotos e entrevistas con el mejor. Grande judo recurso. Liberamos judo noticias carta.

JUDO DEL MONDO http://worldjudo.org/judodelmondo.htm

Novità dal judo nel mondo: agonisti, ufficiali di gara, allenatori, e società. Foto dei migliori atleti del ranking mondiale in azione. Giudici di tavolo, giudici d'angolo, arbitri junior e internazionali, allenatori e atleti, siete tutti invitati ad entrare nel nostro sito, uno strumento per promuovere il vostro club rendendolo più visibile nel mondo delle arti marziali.

JUDO DO MONDO http://worldjudo.org/judodomondo.htm

O final quem é quem do judo. Jogadores, oficiais, ônibus e clubes do judo, com as fotos superb do judoka da classe do mundo na ação. Onde sempre você está no mundo, se você for no judo comece neste local. Tabele oficiais, controladores da competição, referees internacionais ou júniors, ônibus ou concorrentes que nós o queremos neste local. Um recurso excelente para ajudar e realçar a seu stature dos clubes e para fazer o mundo martial das artes mais ciente de seu clube do judo.

Jimmy Pedro USA 2000 World Judo Champion

Jimmy Pedro USA World Judo Champion explains how to control pre-competition nerves. How he studies other great champions. His pre-competition training. He tells about how he had a dream the night before he won the World Championships and how his Kata-guruma is different, he even says how he would change the rules. Plus much more.


Nicolas Gill, Olympic and World Judo Champion, Canada.


Kate Howey M.B.E., World and Olympic Judo Champion, Great Britain.


Catarina Rodrigues, World Judo Champion, Portugal.

Congratulations Caterina. Great to see you join the elite.

Also: Bill Sargent, Twice World Veteran Champion, England, Shawn Wright young upcoming competitor, USA, Itay Mazor Israel Junior International are interviewed about judo by Dave Quinn of World Judo Organisation. http://worldjudo.org/interviews.htm

HOUSTONJUDO.COM http://worldjudo.org/houstonjudo.htm

See the NEW GALLERY at the above site. Includes U.S.A. Top Internationals.

FIJI JUDO ASSOCIATION http://worldjudo.org/fijijudo.htm

World Judo Organisation are honoured to have produced the official web site for the beautiful Island of Fiji.

ISLE OF MAN JUDO CLUB http://worldjudo.org/isleofman.htm

Everybody is very welcome to visit Isle of Man Judo Club. Be sure to sign the Guest Book so they know you have been. More new photos coming soon.

KENT INTERNATIONAL - OPEN EVENT   LONDON ENGLAND http://worldjudo.org/Kentjudo.htm

DETAILS - SEE WEB SITE. Held at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in London. This is not only an excellent judo competition but is also ideally situated for a sight seeing trip around the Capital 'London'. International visitors of every level are most welcome. Due to massive demand please apply early. Special Start Numbers, Certificates and Pin Badges are presented to all competitors. Entry Forms are available to print online and can be sent via land mail.


We will produce a first class individual and unique poster, size A3 using ANY PICTURE SEEN AT THIS WEB SITE for your tournament. Including your clubs event details and badge as requested by you. Sure to generate maximum interest for details see: http://worldjudo.org/Products.htm I am pleased to let you know we have produced many posters for various events with the latest being an International tournament. Collectors may order various posters via site.

FREE Web sites for judo clubs

The next 5 judo clubs that would like a FREE web site, get in touch NOW. Your clubs web site will include artwork layout and hosting completely free for 1 year to promote your club and help generate interest in your club and judo from all over the world.  www.worldjudo.org/Web4all.htm

Come Visit My Club

Come visit my club. Dartford judokwai is a National Centre of Excellence. The Senior and National Coach is Alan Roberts 7th Dan http://worldjudo.org/Dartfordjudo.htm It also has a new site coming soon www.Dartfordjudokwai.org You will always be made very welcome if you would like to visit our judo club. It is mainly a competition club with National Team members training on a regular basis. However there are also classes for Beginners, Intermediate and Veteran players. Open most days of week.


I am proud to announce our new improved Judo Poster service, where you will find top quality posters of world competitors in action and are available to purchase worldwide. Competitors or Referees, if your picture is featured in the poster it's free. New posters are always being added. If you see a photo at my site and think it would make a good poster, send me your suggestion and you never know where you may eventually see it. Also Extra large posters coming soon  http://worldjudo.org/posters.htm

FREE Clip Art

Wallpaper and Backgrounds. You may use them to build your own or club web site or enhance an existing site.


FREE Banners

For Link banners for your site see http://www.worldjudo.org/banners.htm


Badges and pins make a great gift to visiting clubs or associates. We will design one for your club or competition or you can send us your design. If your Club or Event would like badges produced by World Judo Org see http://worldjudo.org/pins.htm

KIDS OR COLLECTORS may order some free badges (postage fee necessary). See our Netshop.

CD ROMs Specifically for JUDO

Judo Graphic Art CD ROMs will be available soon including photos and artworks ideal to add impact to judo stationery, programs, tickets, posters, newsletters, web sites and any judo (martial arts) promotion. Produced by Worldjudo.org bringing you explosive action graphics that will blow your socks off. Further information will be available soon. If you would like the C.D. Email me and I will see you get one of the first off the c.d. press.

 JUDO Tournoi de Paris Ile-de-France 2002

Great excitement and technically super judo was expected and found at Paris Ile-de-France. I was fortunate to be at the 28th edition of this prestigious tournament.  The Paris Ile-de-France tournament was chosen by the European Judo Union to be one of the three "Super A" tournaments.  The Super A tournaments are World recognised as among the most competitive events in the World. Over 600 elite judoka from around the World represented 40 countries, many participants at World and Olympic level. As well as internationally established athletes, there will always be top competitive new faces on the scene to prove themselves.  The pages that follow will give you an unique mat-side view of the supreme athletes of today and World champions of tomorrow!  I hope you enjoy it and I am always keen to hear your comments.
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Thanks to Jörg Weichelt and Maria de Fanis for their excellent translation work. We are still in need of help with the translation of our French and Spanish home pages. I would like to translate into other languages as well. If you would like to further judo in your country by translating one page for me, it would be appreciated by many. I would also put a link to your site if you wish. If you're interested in helping, get in touch. Thanks also the team at Worldjudo.org (in other words my two daughters, son and wife) for there time, effort and patients.


The Commonwealth Games are fast approaching. Don't miss the action.  You will see the best action pictures at this web site.

See link above for details.

I am only one man producing this massive web site. There may be errors, however,
"If we make no errors, We never learn"

I wish every judoka in the world, the greatest of pleasure from our great sport. Good luck now and always. "May your Ippons be Sweet and Neat"

Dave Quinn   Judo Photographer to the World
"It's a Tough Job, But Someone's Got To Do It".

 I will keep you up to date on latest features and updates found at my site and any other World Judo News, including special offers on posters, photos etc

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