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To launch our brand new shop we have put a number of special offers on line. We expect to have a different offer here every week (or month, if time is short).


Order both sets on Judo Gallery 8, at the same time and only pay 20 U.K. 

Converted that's approximately $30 U.S. or 29 Euro's. Please use a conversion chart for the exact figure.
The Order Code is: SpecialOffer1    Click Here
Price includes World Wide Postage.

KIDS OR COLLECTORS may order some FREE BADGES (postage fee necessary). Go to net shop link above.

Some of the best judo players have been seen wearing our Very Special Badge on the sleeve or chest of their judogi. If you would like one FREE see our net shop.

Have you had a picture taken by Judo Photographer Dave Quinn of  www.Topjudo.com  Your picture may have been included on one of our C.D. Collection of Judo Slide Shows. To order yours go to OUR JUDO NET SHOP

FREE POSTER OFFER. This is our first ever offer. We need your comment on our posters and the experience of transactions over the Internet, so.... We are giving away a FREE POSTER to every judo player who would like one. See *Posters* *Gallery* and *Judo Art*. Be sure to see the link bars at the bottom of each page as there are over 30 pages for your appraisal. Your poster will be chosen by us at random. The only fee we ask is the Postage and Packaging (shipping). If you would like to reserve your poster see the NET SHOP now. This offer may only be up a short while.

2 FREE POSTERS OFFER. As promised we are now able to offer every webmaster who has kindly linked our web site with there's, 2 FREE Posters from the many shown at our site. See *Posters* *Gallery* and *Judo Art*. Be sure to see the link bars at the bottom of each page as there are over 30 pages for your appraisal. Your poster will be chosen by us at random. The only fee we ask is the Postage and Packaging (shipping). If you would like to order see the NET SHOP now.

Poster of Your Child or You

Would you like a poster of yourself or as a gift or presentation for someone else? Well, it's your lucky day because for a limited period I will produce a poster of you (or the person you request) looking like a world class judo champion. I will even put you on the tatami (judo mat) face to face in combat with a real judo champion. It will end up looking similar to the posters above, but staring you. All you need do is supply me with a photo of yourself in a judogi (judo suit, looking like you are about to take on a champion) and I'll do the rest. Remember it does not matter if the person that would like to be seen in the poster is age 5 to 95, it all makes for a more novel and humorous poster. Email me for details. Dave@Worldjudo.org See some other requested posters

If you have not linked our site and would like to, our address is www.Worldjudo.org when you have established a link to our site go to the NET SHOP and claim your free posters.

This is what they say:

Mick Leigh 8th Dan B.I.S.C. Kin Ryu Judo Club.

The posters you produced for our event were magnificent and the photo it included was fantastic. We very much appreciate all your help with our event.

Wendy Malkinson Senior Kent County Judo Official

"Wow, we really love the certificates and badges. They are brilliant and we will definitely have them again at our next International Event. Thanks very much indeed.

Graham Robins
Bitterne Judo Club

Hi Dave the poster and the badge you made for me is even better than I had thought. The quality is very good and I particularly liked the fact that you used the colours in my club badge and incorporated them in the poster. Thank you very much for your help I will be in contact very soon.

Alan Roberts 6th Dan Dartford Judokwai
National Judo Centre of Excellence

Thanks very much for the excellent posters and badges you produced for our Dartford/Dunkerque Transmanche festival. Not only I and my club but also the local council (our sponsors) were very impressed.

Dave Taylor Isle of Man

Hi Dave,   The club has just had them framed and they look great. Thank you very much from all the members on the Isle of Man Regards Dave Taylor.

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