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Would you like a poster of yourself or as a gift or presentation for someone else? Well, it's your lucky day because for a limited period I will produce a poster of you (or the person you request) looking like a world class judo champion. I will even put you on the tatami (judo mat) face to face in combat with a real judo champion. It will end up looking similar to the posters below, but staring you. All you need do is supply me with a photo of yourself in a judogi (judo suit, looking like you are about to take on a champion) and I'll do the rest. Remember it does not matter if the person that would like to be seen in the poster is age 5 to 95, it all makes for a more novel or humorous poster. Email me for details. Dave@Worldjudo.org 


KidPstrSmpl.jpg (9377 bytes)

I am adding judo posters here that I have produced by special request, from different organisations clubs and judoka.

WorldVetPstr.jpg (15056 bytes)

All of these Judo posters are size 297mm x 420mm A3.

judo_g10.jpg (22474 bytes)

I often produce special posters for individual players. Above is one I produced for Paul Murphy, at the World Judo Championships Munich. He is a top International from Ireland. I have trained with Paul, he's a great character.

When in Tunisia at the World Junior Judo Championships I was not familiar with Alan Scott GBR. However having watched his first fight and his subsequent wins it was clear he is an exiting fighter and a talent to watch in the future. His father requested these two posters.

AlanScottJudoPstr1.jpg (23689 bytes)                       AlanScottPstr2.jpg (22769 bytes)

DanSargent.jpg (35720 bytes)

This is a poster I was commissioned to produce of Danny Sargent by his Judo Club for their gallery. Dartford Judo Kwai at Dartford, England. It's from the Commonwealth Games 2002

SimoneCallenderPstr.jpg (19477 bytes)

I was asked to produce this poster so a judo club could present it as a gift. It's of Simone Callender Winning Gold at the Commonwealth Games 2002.


PstrEdwards.jpg (7523 bytes)      PstrEdwards2.jpg (7384 bytes)

I produced these posters as part of a family collection the Edward's family have ordered from me. They supplied the photos, I put the artwork together and printed them. Pictures are from the Kent International, London, England. If you would like to enter the event see www.Worldjudo.org/Kentjudo.htm

AdamBickPstr.jpg (18315 bytes)

I love this picture. Superb control right to the mat. Ippon...