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 As promised in my opening page">

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 As promised in my opening page, you will see interviews from young, old, meek or bold. This young competitor first introduced himself to me as Prince Charming. Not the usual way to introduce yourself, but I have a feeling this is not a usual player. I have a hunch you may see more of this young player on the world scene in a few years from now. I felt it was time to interview an Shawn is our first up and coming player to be interviewed.

Worldjudo.org- What is your name?

Hi, My name is Shawn Wright.

WJO- What is your age and weight group and how old are you?

Shawn- One of my biggest problems is that I am only 14. This coming up year will be very difficult because I am at the bottom of my age division. I am 6"0 ft and weigh about 175. I am used to playing people smaller than me but I am getting better competition now that I am older. It is realy great because I love playing and also play in the open division.

WJO- At what age did you start training?

Shawn- I started at five years old.

WJO- What is your Club?

Shawn- My club is Leon County Judo Club

WJO- How often do you train?

Shawn- I train in Tallahassee fl and at the club three days a week and at home three other days.

WJO- Who are your coaches?

Shawn- My coaches are Boby Fukashima and Fred Hand.

WJO- What are your past judo achievements?

Shawn- I had a placing in the Junior Olympic Nationals. It is run by USJI. I placed gold in that last year and two silvers before that. I also got a placing in the Maruchan Youth Invitational Internationals. I just took a silver in that and a bronze a couple of years ago. Right now I am trying to get on the junior world team. My Goal is the Olympics.

WJO- What's your favourite exercise or training methods?

Shawn- My favorite exercise is either conditioning exercises or just playing.

WJO- What advice would you give to others?

Shawn- My advise would be, when you feel like quitting, that may be the best time to play.

WJO- What is your favourite technique?

Shawn- My favorite technique is standing or even more specific, foot sweeps.

WJO- Who do you admire in Judo?

Shawn- I admire Brian Olson. I am also interested in learning about others that enjoy this great sport. They are few and far between in the part of the US I live in.

WJO- Thanks for your time and may I take this opportunity to wish you the very best in your future Judo career and hopefully look forward to seeing you on the World scene and taking your photo along side other world judoka in a few years from now. Don't forget to keep us posted on your progress.

Shawn- Thanks.


Shawn can be found in our index of players.

We are now looking for a current or past World or Olympic player from any part of the world, mail or female for our next interview. E-mail Worldjudo.org for inclusion.

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