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British Open Judo 2003

British Open Judo 2002

British Open Judo 2001

British Open Judo 2000

The British Open 2000 was held at the National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, England. The event attracted entry's from around the world including:

GBR,FRA,EIR,GER,AUS,USA,MOL,ISR,JAP,SUI,NED,FUI,ARM,NZL and probably a few more I may have missed.

Many of the best fights are on these pages.

I have photos of all medal winners on the rostrum. If you won, let me know and I will send you your photo free.

British Open Posters This Way

wpe2.jpg (19661 bytes) wpe1.jpg (18848 bytes) wpe3.jpg (16715 bytes) wpe5.jpg (13181 bytes) wpe7.jpg (13528 bytes)

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More British Open Photos.

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Hot News

Due to demand I have now set up an Internet Shop that will take credit cards. I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see at the shop please email me.
Good luck in Judo, Now and always.

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